Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fashion Star Episode NINE by Kelli Neche

This week on Fashion Star, the designers worked directly with the buyers to see exactly what they were looking for in order for the designers to make finale outfits that were appealing to all of the stores.
This week instead of a buy making the designer safe, three designers will be going home, regardless of  a buy.

The show opened up with Nicole Richie, one of the mentor's spring collection, "Winter Kate" and of course it was bohemian chic!

Nzirmio Oputa: Saks informed him that he needed to incorporate more details and asked him to make a safari jacket. Although, hesitant, he obliged and also made a casual trouser pants. Nicole felt like he showed he deserved to be here. Despite all of the great praise from the mentors and him doing exactly what Saks asked; he received no buys for either of them.

Kara Laricks: H&M asked to see her range so she created a collar and tie dress for them and a trench coat for Saks and Macy's. The mentors liked both looks and John Varvatos felt like he could see them both in all three stores. She chose H&M for her collar and tie dress after H&M and Macy's were deadlocked at 60K. She sold her trench coat to Macy's for 60K saying she designed it with Macy's in mind.

Luciana Scarabello: Macy's was interested in seeing her business casual look. She created a cropped jacket and short set as well as a high-waist skirt. Nicole loved the jacket but not the skirt. She didn't receive any buys tonight.

Orly Shani: Macy's wants her to stay true to herself but try to keep it a little more structured. She created a structured dress along with a blazer and wide-legged trouser. Jessica Simpson loved the blazer and pant suit. Saks bought her dress for 70K and H&M bought her pants for 100K.

Nikki Poulos: H&M wanted something structured and tells her to look at the design through the customers eyes. Her assymetrical dress was bought for 50K from Saks. She received no buys for her pants and blouse.

Ronnie Escalante: Saks would love to see a daytime dress from him, so he designed one with a menswear inspired dress. Macy's bought his suit for 50K and Saks bought his dress for 110K!

Before the buyers announced their stayers and goers, the designers had a very emotional moment among one another after realizing they were granted with such a wonderful opportunity.

The Final Three: Kara Laricks, Nzirmio Oputa and Ronnie Escalante!!!!!

Tune in next week!

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