Sunday, April 22, 2012

Say YES to Cucumbers......By Chynesha

To all my natural beauties, this year hair product is "YES to Cucumbers" and "Shea Butter". It is very affordable and they carry it at Target. If you are natural and dye your hair the shampoo and conditioner is perfect for colored hair and it keeps the color in your hair shiny and healthy. The conditioner gives your curls that great moister that it needs. The Shea Butter is a leave in conditioner; you can finish washing your hair pat it down and put in the shea butter to lock in the moister throughout the day. It works really well and never leaves my hair dye, it is also great for dry scalp. Now us natural women aren't suppose to dye our hair because of the chemicals in it but I am very hard headed, so I do it anyway. As long as you keep your hair moisturized and don't damage your hair with heat, you should be go. If you don't have color in your hair you can use "YES to Carrots"  and the shea butter. Try to stay away from products that contain alcohol it can definitely dry your hair out, so please use with  caution. If you need styling tips look on Youtube. There are plenty of tips on how to maintain and style your hair.

Stay classy.

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