Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Natural Hair. Trend or Trait? by Kelli Neche

As of late, I've been seeing a lot of buzz about natural hair, both negative and positive. Many blogs and websites are trying to say that being natural is a trend and not a trait. I have natural hair, but it's apart of my lifestyle, not an accessory or an outfit staple. Going natural was one of the hardest things that I have ever done and I'm sure many would agree, I don't feel like I went through puffy edges, transitional styles or countless blowouts to be fashionable or keep it until it goes out of style.
Granted some women are doing this to be trendy and fit in, a lot of them are going natural and maintaining their natural because for one, it can be very healthy for your hair if treated properly. It makes your hair extremely strong and lastly, it's the hair that God blessed you with from birth, why argue with someone who made you so perfectly by getting hooked on Creamy Hair Crack???

If you make the choice to kick the creamy crack and live a chemical-free life, do it the RIGHT WAY. By the RIGHT WAY  I mean, research, research and MORE research. Check out websites, follow blogs *like this one* and keep yourself informed. Subscribe to hair porn's broadest network,  YouTube, get familiar with tutorials and product names. A few great channels are:

I love Tayrn's channel, she's so beautiful and the texture of her hair is gorgeous.

"Pretty Dimples" has very detailed tutorials and her creativity is amazing. She's an actual hair stylist so know that she is giving you tips for healthy hair. 

This channel is great because she also is savvy in hair care and minimal breakage styles.

Visit to determine your curl type AFTER you have fully transitioned, otherwise you will get invalid results. 

Another helpful sight for Natural Potentials is

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  1. Kelli this article is ingenious! Ill have to say I have been wanting to go natural for some years now. I started last year by no relaxers during the summer, then using kiddies( which are no better), then full out none at all. My hair actually became resistant to creamy crack. Then one day I had a revelation, I thought my texture is very thick but why is my hair thin and limp? Our hair is not meant to be limp and lifeless. Not throwing shade but some people think that that thin over processed hair is cute......NOT. So anyway its a health thing for me and I plan to stay naturally happy!

  2. So glad you chose to go natural!!!!! It's such a tough process and you're right: thin, lifeless greasy hair is for the birds!!!
    Stay classy!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for your sharing,your natural hair style is great!