Saturday, April 14, 2012

Is your child style fashionable or Questionable?....By Chynesha

Maddox Jolie-Pitt was one of the first celebrity kids to take up Mohawk style

Maddox (son of Angelina&Brad) his style is so BOLD and different. He is not afraid to wear a man bag at the age of 9 years old. 

Suri (daughter of Katie&Tom Cruise) she is just adorable. Her style is very chic, she sets a good example on kids her age on how to dress. The heels are a little to much for me but other than that her style rocks.

Suri Cruise’s chic accessories and sophisticated outerwear make her fashionable

I love kids, especially when you can dress them up and style them how you want them too because they 
don't have a choice but to wear it. A lot of celebrities let their children dress themselves. So, is it ok to let your kids walk out the house with a Cinderella dress on just because she wants to look pretty or should she look more appropriate stepping out the house? I believe there is a limit to letting your children to dress themselves. If you just going to the grocery store to get some items, then I believe it is ok to have your child leaving the house with a costume on. Why not have your child thinking she a beautiful princess. But if you going out to an family event, dinner, school, day care or the movies. Your child should look appropriate and for you and themselves. If you don't know how to child your child here are some websites that have really cute and affordable clothes;

*H&M have a great selection for ages to 0 months to 14 year old. Depending where you live certain H&M stores have a kids department.

*Forever 21 doesn't have a baby selection but they do have a junior selection for boys and girls

* Target is known for there bright solid colors for this season and if you haven't shopped at Target yet, then I don't know what you doing with your life. <lol>

* Children's Place is a really cute store to shop for your kids. They always have a great deals.

To give examples of some celebrities on letting their children to dress themselves. I am not judging or trying to mean but Angelina and Brad do not need Shiloh to dress herself. She dress like a boy and have a haircut like one. There should be limits on dressing themselves, it is hard to tell if she is even a girl when she goes out. They should at least dress her up once in a while, dont want the media talking about she is different (if you know what i mean). Gwen Stefani son is too cute and fill with fashion, but she shouldn't allow her son wearing bright blue finger nail polish and leaving the house with pajamas on. Willow daughter of Will & Jada smith is a unique girl and very stylish. I understand she is making her own money and everything but it is still not ok to let a little girl to shave her hair off, wear weave that can break her edges, make up and wearing crazy clothes. There still should be a adult control somewhere in her life with her fashion.

Levi will attract a lot of girlfriend when he grows up

Levi (son of Matthew&Camila) looking like 
his father this little man has 
his own style and a little of his father.
 His parents better watch out for those
 girls when he grows up.


Shiloh Jolie-Pitt looks like a boy with Tomboy style

Shiloh (daughter of Angelina&Brad) 
she is a really cute girl and she just keep dressing like a boy. Her pixi hair cut would look really cute with a sun dress.

Do you think it is ok for your child to dress themselves to show there personality or would you feel more comfortable doing it yourself???

Stay Classy

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