Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fashion Star Episode SIX by Kelli Neche

This week the designers were asked to step outside of their comfort zone and design/create something that they have never designed before. Of course, the lovely Elle MacPhearson is hosting on tonight and mentors Jessica Simpson, John Varvatos and Nicole Richie are guiding our young designers in hopes of leading them to get a buy from either H&M, Saks Fifth Ave or Macy's.
The designers are able to bid on the designers pieces once the mentors' have voiced their opinions and whomever offers the highest bid will have that designers clothing sold in their stores across the globe the very next day as well as online directly after the show!
Ross Bennett: Ross designed vintage inspired lingerie and Jessica Simpson thought it was beautiful and loved it. Nicole was very proud of him. H&M bought Ross' lingerie for 50K. It will be available online directly after the show and in stores tomorrow (4-18-12).

Luciana Scarabello: Luciana designed a very cute cropped jacket and John Varvatos thought it was amazing and Jessica thought every girl needed one of her jackets in every color. Saks and Macy's duked it out beginning their bid's at 50K and then modulating to a 100K bid won by Macy's. Luciana's jackets will be sold online tonight and in all Macy's stores beginning tomorrow (4-18-12).

Sarah Parrott: Sarah struggled with her swimwear designs since, one, she doesn't wear bikini's herself and two, she's only been bought by H&M, she wants to be noticed by the other stores as well...Sarah's bikini's honestly looked like something that I've seen before in someone's store. Jessica thought the design of the swinsuit was amazing but she wished that she would have chosen brighter colors. Sarah didn't gain any offers, which means that she is up for elimination.

Nzirmio Oputa: He feels completely out of his element designing women's wear. Nizirmo ultimately designed a wrapped women's dress. Nicole was disappointed because she know's he's talented enough to win the competition and that didn't come across. SURPRISINGLY, H&M offered him a 50K bid on his tissue box chiffon dress. Regardless, it will be online tonight and in H&M stores tomorrow morning.

Barbara Bates: Barbara toned it down with a boho maxi dress. Nicole, the queen of Boho, thought her hard work paid off and that she did a good job. John thought she was heavy handed on the print and it didn't do it for him. Barbara received no offers and is up for elimination tonight. The buyers thought the dress looked over worked.

Ronnie Escalante: Ronnie is attempting swimwear but the mentors were concerned about the wear-ability of the actual suit, the mesh detailing made the suit extremely sexy. Jessica thought it could have easily went Borat but she loved it. Macy's bought Ronnie's swimsuit for 50K, his designs will be sold online right after the show and in stores tomorrow (4-18-12).

Nikki Polous: Nikki is trying out men's wear, retro pants and shorts. She used Ross as a tailor dummy. John wasn't blown away by the pants but Nicole said that every man that she asked about the pants, loved them. Nikki didn't receive any bids tonight and is up for elimination.

Orly Shani: Orly created the "confederate jacket" that was of course, reversible. Jessica felt she stayed safe and it would have been out of the box if it was ONLY structured and not filled with gadgetry. No offers for Orly, she's up for elimination. The buyers felt it was one two-for too many.

Kara Laricks: Kara designed a layered dress, that in a couple of the fabrics was simply stunning. John felt she did a great job and Nicole felt she was a brand that stands for something, she felt it stood for more than what it showed. Saks bought her dress for 100K. It will be in stores tomorrow (4-18-12) and online immediately after the show has aired. 

The mentors decided to save Nikki Polous! *wipes forehead* for obvious reasons. She may be a bit....rough...but she means business and knows her stuff when it comes to designing and producing a product that will sell. She fell short this week but I'm sure she will kick tail next week.

The buyers sent home Barbara Bates. 
In all honesty, Barbara could make a killing designing for St.John's and Kasper but...her eye isn't youthful enough for this competition.

See us next week when the designers will be working DIRECTLY with the mentors for some sure to be great buys!
Same time next week!

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