Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fashion Star Episode SEVEN by Kelli Neche

This week on Fashion Star the designers will be working directly with the mentors to see how hard it will be for them in the real world in order to push them one step closer to the finish line.

Nicole Richie wanted Kara Laricks to due a full suit this week to push herself. John Varvatos suggested Ross Bennett do a simple yet, sleek dress. Ross felt John didn't understand his vision but John wanted Ross to know it was a competition and that he needed to be careful of his fabric choices. Kara's suits came out very well. It brought out a sort of men's casual to women's business look. Ross's sleek gown showcased well on the runway but John felt like he missed the mark because it didn't come across as being chic. Jessica Simpson feels like her eyes are now on Kara. Ross gained no offers from the buyers this week due to his fabric choice, he is up for elimination tonight. Saks Fifth Ave offered Kara 100K for her suit. It will be available online tonight and in-stores worldwide tomorrow morning (4-25-12)!

Nzimiro Oputa was looking forward to working with John and was told to design a tailored suit for the runway. Jessica told Sarah Parrott to think of the other buyers when she designed her dress for the week. Nzirmio's two piece suit was tailored very well and definitely would be something that I would want in my boyfriend's closet. John felt the collar didn't seem finished but he ultimately felt very good about the elegance of the suit. Nzirmio didn't gain any offers from the buyers tonight and is up for elimination. Sarah's dress hung well but it wasn't my favorite of her designs. The mentors felt her dress was hit or miss, once Sarah started dishing out excuses, Nicole told her to own up to her designs and ideas. Sarah gained no offers this week and is up for elimination. 

Orly Shani got to work with John and he encouraged her not to go convertible but to find the place between soft and rough instead. I WANT ORLY'S COLUMN DRESS, NOW! John felt she did a great job and felt the zipper in the back of the dress looked more like jewelry than an attachment. Saks and H&M went head to head starting at 50K and raising to 70K. Neither designer wanted to budge at 70K so Orly chose H&M since she hadn't had anything sold there as of yet. Her dress will be on sale in stores tomorrow morning (4-25-12) and online directly following the show. Ronnie Escalante worked with Nicole Richie who wanted him to come out of his shell and just take his designs head on. Ronnie put together a one strapped evening gown and it looked very slimming on the runway. Nicole felt as though she had been waiting for something like this from Ronnie and Jessica wants him to design her bridesmaid dresses. Macy's bought his dress for 50K saying they loved to dress their costumers for all occasions. His dress will be available online tonight and in stores tomorrow morning. (4-25-12).

Luciana Scarabello is getting personally mentored by Jessica and she wants her dress for this week to be a lot more structured. Luciana's structured dress with the V-shaped backing was gorgeous in the floral print she chose. Jessica loved her fabric choices and John felt the dress was versatile enough to be bought by all of the stores. Both Saks and H&M bid 60K initially and H&M raised their offer to 70K. It will be available tomorrow (4-25-12) and online tonight after the show. Nicole was hoping Nicole Polous could pull of a mini dress since all we've been seeing from her this season have been maxi dresses. I happened to love the mod mini Nicole designed. It's definitely something I need NOW! Nicole wanted...Nicole to feel confident in her designs, she also said she did a great job this week. Nicole received no offers tonight and is up for elimination. 

The mentors saved: Nzimiro Oputa (Thank you Baby Jesus.)

The buyers eliminated: Sarah Parrott was sent home. Is anyone else blindsided?????????
See you next week!
Until then, Stay Classy!

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