Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fashion Star Episode FIVE by Kelli Neche

This week on Fashion Star, the buyers asked the designers to work together as a group to showcase their outfits in store windows and draw people in from the streets. 

Barbara Bates and Nikki Poulos are working together this challenge. Nikki and Barbara are polar opposites and it definitely shows on camera. Their idea is to have the girls (models) act as if they are in a photo shoot in the window. Barbara designed a high-waisted dress and Nikki a vintage inspired maxi dress. John Varvatos thought the window was great and loved the creative energy. Nicole Richie thought Nikki did a fantastic job and thought she looked very nice. John thought Barbara used the same fabric on the bottom of each dress and that the silhouette needed a bit more work. Barbara received no offers and is up for elimination. Nikki received a 50K offer from Saks Fifth Ave and 60K from H&M and H&M raised the bid to 80K. The dress is available online now and in H&M stores tomorrow (4-11-12).

Ronnie Escalante and Lucianna Scarabello are on the same team, luckily, they're friends. Saks offers Lucianna 100K offer and her lovely cut out dresses will be available tonight online at Saks and tomorrow in stores. Ronnie's drooping back dress was in a battle of the bids between H&M and Macy's. Macy's ultimately made the final bid at 110K. They will be available online directly after the show and in stores tomorrow (4-11-12). 

Ross Bennett, Orly Shani and Sarah Parrott are all on the same team. Sarah is making three different reversable blazers. Orly struggled with the fabric for her lace dress, granted she has never used lace before. She changed her ideas numerous times before the production. Ross impressed judges with his double-buttoned vest and Orly came to a head with her shorts with a waist line. Nicole said she felt that shorts this late in the game are a no-no. Her exact words (WTF). John felt Sarah's blazer wasn't enough at this stage in the competition. Jessica Simpson wants Ross' vest delivered to her on a platter and she thought he hit the nail on the head. Orly didn't gain any offers and is up for elimination. H&M once again bid for Sarah, her double sided blazer won her a 60K offer which will be available online right after the show and in stores tomorrow morning (4-11-12). Ross' vest got him a 50K offer from Macy's which will be online tonight and in stores tomorrow (4-11-12).

Kara Laricks, Nzirmio Oputa and Edmond Newton were grouped together. They seemed to have gotten along well together despite Edmond's last minute fabric change. Kara designed a button-up shirt dress that looked well with Nzirmio's men in their casual jackets and Edmond's gentlemen in their oxford shirts. John felt Edmond's first men's shirts were too basic. Jessica loved how Kara had a touch of color in the window and she loved it. Nicole loved Nizirmio's jacket and the sleeve's detail. No offers for Edmond so he is up for elimination. No offers for Nzimiro this evening so he's up for elimination. Kara also received no offers from the buyers, so she is up for elimination tonight.

The bottom three are Orly, Edmond and Barbara.
The mentors decided to save Barbara Bates!
The buyers chose to send Edmond Newton home...about time honestly.

Tune in next week! Tuesday at 10pm on NBC!

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