Thursday, April 26, 2012

Con-TURBAN by Kelli Neche

I wore a turban to work Wednesday as a stylish way to mask my twist out done with my As I Am Twist Out product and I fell IN LOVE! I thought I was the woman from the Chiquita banana sticker or something; all I needed was a strapless bathing suit top and a long flowing skirt. A couple of my co-workers didn't understand for obvious reasons but me being the fashionista I am, I took all ignorance with a grain of salt. So, since I got so much positive (and some unexpectedly negative) feedback on my Solange Knowles inspired turban from the past few days, I decided to post some Youtube tutorials for different ways to tie a fashionable turban and be FIERCCCCEEEEE! You're welcome!

Stay Classy!

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