Sunday, April 1, 2012


This week's MOST NOTORIOUS STYLE photo contest winner is  DeShanta Hairston.

This is why Miss Hairston thinks her style is the most NOTORIOUS.

"I love fashion but not in the sense that you may think. I don't necessarily go out and buy whatever is in the latest magazines. I simply buy pieces individually based on how they would fit into my closet. Most of my clothes are basic things that I threw together in a creative way to make a dope look. I prefer to splurge on shoes and build my looks based on the shoe. In the first pic from the left, I'm wearing Steve Madden moccasins, Joe's Jean jeggings, a plain purple t-shirt (from Forever21), and an army jacket I've had for years which came from our local Belk's (low budget Dillard's). In the middle picture I have on Guess snake print tights ($10), my red top is from Forever21, the black blazer is from H&M, and the flats came from the Shoe Dept. Lastly, in the right pic, I have on oxfords from Rackroom Shoes, Levi's jeans, the blue tank top is from H&M, and the crop top came from Delia's (it says Take Me As I Am). I think my style is notorious because I don't spend much money at all on my wardrobe but it always looks like I do. I have fun with it and I don't let the next person define if what I wear looks good or not. I also run my own blog as well which exhibits my personal style a little more if you ever want to check it out :)

Enter next week by sending your photos in to starting Monday with your name, age, place of purchase and why you feel your style is the MOST NOTORIOUS!

Until next time, stay classy!!!!

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  1. She has such great shoes! P.S. Posted about the RVA clothing swap and linked back to your blog HERE: