Friday, March 23, 2012

Trends that repeat themselves. 1960's look to now? From Chynesha

If you are a fashionista then you already know that in today's society, trends repeat themselves and designer bring back the styles from the 1950's to 1990's with a little twist. It can be a jumpsuit with a low v neck, or the cat eye glasses with bold and sexy red lips. Fashion is in every decade and no matter what century it is, these trends will never go away. So why hide it?? Take the risk and go bold and beautiful with the 1960's look or the 1970's look. Show us your Notorious Style by challenging yourself to a 10 year or older decade and make it your own. Here is a website where you can always be updated to the latest fashion trends Tell us, should designers keep the old fashion trends away or should they continue to reoccur? Comment, send pictures, and speak your mind we as NOTORIOUS beauties will love to hear your opinion. But remember if you don't set the trend or change it, how can you be Notorious? Stay classy and beautiful.

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