Thursday, March 29, 2012

To Serve and Protect by Kelli Neche

For all of my beautiful Natural women out there, Summer is vastly approaching and much like winter, this is one of the hardest seasons for our hair! The heat can be very damaging and make the hair dry and brittle. HAVE NO FEAR! Here are a few protective styles that can get you through the next few fuming months!

1. Sew-Ins

Sew-ins can be very helpful for natural hair and if you find a great "weave-ologist" no one will know that your kinks are hibernating. STAY AWAY from glued in weave!!!!!!! It is NEVER good for your hair.

2. Braids

Often times, we as Natural Women find ourselves in fear of braids to avoid looking too "ethnic" for corporate America or any professional setting. I fell in love with yarn braids the first time I saw them. Could it be due to my infatuation with dreads, since they do look very similar? Yes...yes it could.

3. Flat Twists

Flat Twists can be very classy and conservative if styled as such, they normally last  for about a week and if you decide to untwist them, the result is a beautiful head full of defined curls!

Try them. Share them. Love them.
Stay Classy!

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