Thursday, March 29, 2012


If you are like me, I tried the weave and liked it for a while, but when I moved to Virigina I went natural with my hair. I had cut all my hair off and start over completely. I cried so hard when I saw my hair fall to the floor and what made it worse, my sister said I look like a boy lol. But when we moved, no one knew who I was and I didnt have to worry what others thought of my hair. Going natural (even though i was born with naturally curly hair) was the best thing that happened to me. I finally let my hair grow and be itself. Half the time I don't care what others think of my hair because it is MINE. I see now alot of celebrites are going natural and not just with their hair but with their make-up and eye brows. Most celebs have the kinky curly look but with the bushy eye brows and natural-looking make up. I feel when ladies go natural they are at their prettiest. Yes it is fun to dress up and put on foundation, curl your hair, wear bold lipstick and have fierce eye shadow on. But have you ever saw yourself just relax with a pair of sweats, no make-up, no weave and just act like yourself. I know I have plenty of times and my friends accept that part of me. Here are some people who I think are just so beautiful with their natural hair.

     In the past year, Janelle Monae’s signature style
 the expertly sculpted pompadour
 has become a favorite among natural girls.

From "The Cosby show" to "Thats so Raven"
She always kept her hair on point on set and
of the set.

Whether she’s sporting an afro wig
, braids, or this natural textured extensions,
 Erykah Badu has long been a natural hair maven.

Jill Scott always rocked the kinky afro look
when she first came out.
She is not afraid to show off her new look
and her new sexy figure.

   Tracee ellis Ross is so beautiful and of course her hair
Every one know who she is from "Girlfriends" and
even though I didn't always agree with her outfits
I know for sure her hair was always fascinating

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