Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fashion Star: Week Two by Kelli Neche

This week on Fashion Star, the designers were asked to design with the customer in mind and riding their back like a bad Christmas sweater. Naturally, some excelled and others found themselves without offers from the buyers. Just a reminder on how this show works, the designers are given challenges each week and have to create three pieces that will be showcased to a board of mentors including Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos with host Elle Macpherson. Then the buyers from either H&M, Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue are given the floor to bid on the designer's collections that will be sold that night on the buyer's website worldwide and in stores the very next day. Whomever does not gain an offer will be up for elimination, the buyer will eliminate who they feel will not be able to complete an entire line for them to sell at their store after winning the final show, however, the judges are allowed to save one person a night.

  • Lisa Van Hunter: Trudy day dress ==> Jessica loved the dress, felt every sorority girl and her mom would want one. ==> 50K offer from Macy's (now available online, in stores 3-21)
  • Ronnie Escalante: blouse with back that unzipped allowing it to drape. ==> Nicole liked the concept but feels like he didn't quite cut it. ==> no offers, up for elimination.
  • Kara Laricks: draping tie dress ==> John thought she rocked it. ==> bids started at 50K with H&M, 80K with  Saks, they duked it out until Saks was at 110K (available online now and in Saks stores 3-21)
  • Ross Bennett: tailored bolero jacket ==> Nicole didn't think that the fabric was fit for spring ==> no offers, up for elimination
  • Orly Shani: convertible maxi dress. ==> Jessica still loves a new and innovative two-for ==> no offers, up for elimination
  • Oscar Fierro: cape dress ==>  Jessica didn't like the dress, John is disappointed after saving him last week and feels the dress is a bit hooch ==> no offers, up for elimination
  • Luciana Scarabello: no offers, up for elimination
  • Edward Newton: no offers, up for elimination
  • Nikki Poulos: no offers, up for elimination
  • Nzimiro Oputa: pocketed button up ==> 50K from Saks, 70K from both H&M and Macy's, he chose Macy's
  • Barbara Bates: leather tunic ==> John thought she stepped it up this week and the pieces were a lot of fun. ==> no offers, up for elimination
  • Sarah Parrott: tuxedo pants ==> Nicole loved her pants after being very worried about Sarah the night before ==> 50K offer from H&M
  • Lizzie Parker: blouse with bat sleeves ==> Jessica needed a more eye grabbing color choice to love it ==> no offers
The buys picked their bottom three: Ross, Oscar and Lizzie.
The mentors decided to save Ross because of his inevitable talent in tailoring and fit, Oscar was eliminated.
Check out next week's episode, Tuesday at 10pm!

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