Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fashion Star premiere wrap up! by Kelli Neche

(Photo Source: NBC)
I am IN LOVE with NBC's Fashion Star! I love that Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos are the 14 designers' mentors. Normally these reality television shows have no-name, D-list celebrities that only a certain type of people have heard of to host or make appearances but NBC is doing a great job at keeping their audience intrigued. How the show works is, each week the designers have to design pieces that they feel are current, describe their personal style or fit into the criteria the mentors have placed before that for that particular showcase. The mentors' will give their advice, compliments or concerns to each designer that are presented two at a time, then the buyers from H&M, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Macy's will bid on whom will have the designer's piece sold that night online and the very next day in stores. The mentors' will vote to save one designer from elimination, you can be subject to elimination if you aren't offered any bids on your collection for the night. Whomever is left will be among the one that the BUYERS will chose to eliminate. The buyers include: Caprice Willard, Macy's; Nicole Christie, H&M; and Terron Schaefer, Saks. 
The show began will a parade of the show's host, Elle Macpherson's intimate collection, then gave way to the first set of designers. The challenge for this week was to showcase their signature pieces.
They went in this order:
  • Orly Shani: ==> she's a bartender who's line is called Tuc+Wes, which is all about convertible pieces. Her signature pieces were skirts made with zippers a little lower than the hip that zipped off a flirty dress and made it into a tight, cute mini. ==> Jessica Simpson called it a twofor, Nicole said her pieces brought so much energy and John said it needed a little tweeking. ==> Saks Fifth Avenue bought the skirts for 80K, now available online and tomorrow in-stores. 
  • Edmond Newton: ==> barber stylist, signature piece was a mini cocktail dress. ==> Jessica loved his black and white dress, as well as John, Nicole thought it looked as though it was from two different designers. ==> bought for 60K from Macy's, available now online and in-stores tomorrow.
  • Nikki Poulos: ==> swim wear/ reform wear. signature piece was kimono caftan. ==> Jessica loved the silky piece, John loved the collection. ==> bought for 50K from Macy's.
  • Oscar Fierro: full of color, loves bright detail. signature piece was butterfly dresses. ==> Jessica loved it (of course she did, because all she owns are butterfly dresses.), John nor Nicole liked his pieces. ==> No offers. Up for elimination.
  • Barbara Bates: breast cancer survivor, sold women's clothes in a bathroom. signature piece was a shirt and embellished skirt. ==> All mentors felt the pockets should have been smaller. ==> No offers, up for elimination.
  • Nicholas Bowes: signature piece was the motorcycle jacket. ==> Jessica thought it needed more and NICOLAS stated that he felt Nicole nor Jessica could give him advice or criticism because they were women critiquing men's clothing. Jessica said she wanted to smack him across the face. ==> No offers, up for elimination.
  • Sarah Parrott: mother, signature piece was the shift dress. ==> Jessica loved it and John felt she should have pushed up the bar a little. ==> to H&M for 80K
  • Ross Bennett: Texan, married, signature piece was full culottes. ==> John didn't feel it looked good, Jessica thought for him to be a great tailor it didn't fit the designers well, Nicole thought it looked like it was grabbing the model's vagina. ==> no offers, up for elimination
  • Ronnie Escalante: signature piece was the black dress. ==> No offers, up for elimination
  • Luciana Scarabello: No offers, up for elimination
  • Lisa Vian Hunter: No offers, up for elimination
  • Lizzie Parker: bought sewing machine off of craig's list and looked at computer program's to learn to sew. Wore her design to the runway. ==> bought by Macy's for 60K
  • Kara Laricks: signature piece was accessory collar, loves to deconstruct pieces and make something completely new. ==> Nicole pointed out the actual clothes the models wore weren't Kara's, Jessica felt it was a tease. ==> No offers, up for elimination
  • Nzirimo Oputa: Nigerian from Detroit, signature piece was a permanently popped short collared sports jacket. ==> Jessica had no complaints, John loved the styling and stand-up collar. ==> bought by H&M for 50K
The judges decided to save Oscar but the buyers sent home Aussie native Nicholas Bowes. They felt his designing skills weren't going to be enough to create an entire collection that would appease to all of the buyers in the final show.
How Do I Look? host Jeannie Mai will be the direct online correspondent this entire season. Check her out backstage at http://www.nbc.com/fashion-star/about/bios/jeannie-mai/!
See you next Tuesday at 9:30pm.

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