Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fashion Star Episode Three! by Kelli Neche

The show opened this week with swimwear by host, Elle McPhearson accompanied by LMFAO and Quest Crew's performance of Party Rock. The challenge for this week was to design with predictions for the upcoming summer season. I must say, as much as I enjoy this show, I do not like how they cut certain designers runway time short to fit into the time block rather than cutting unnecessary chit-chat about things that aren't beneficial to the viewer.
Mentors: Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson and John Varvatos
Orly Shani: sheath dress in neon colors ==> John felt she got on track despite her being home sick, Jessica wants to make an order on all three colors. ==> 120K offer from Saks Fifth Ave (available online now and in stores tomorrow 3-28)
Barbara Bates: shirt dress ==> Nicole loved it and thought it was amazing. Would be shocked  if she didn't receive a sale. ==> No Offers, up for elimination.
Ronnie Escalante: asymmetrical draped dress ==> Nicole loved the color combination but wanted less fabric ==> No offers, up for elimination.
Nikki Poulos: palazzo jumpsuit ==> John felt it needed to be executed better ==> 50K offer from Macy's (available online now and in stores 3-29)
Sarah Parrott: wrap maxi dress ==> John gave her credit for stepping out of the box but didn't love the prints. Jessica loved them ==> 50K offer for H&M (available online now and in stores 3-28)
Nzirmio Oputa: European cut shorts ==>Jessica felt like it was a Hanson party in the pants, loved them ==> 50K offer from H&M (available online now and in stores 3-29)
Ross Bennett: pleated print shorts ==> took judges advice about jumping out of his heavy fabrics and gained a 120K offer from Macy's (available online now and in stores 3-29)
Kara Laricks: tuxedo pants ==> John felt she interpreted the pants well into a female concept ==> 50K offer from Saks Fifth Ave (available online now and in stores 3-29)
Edmond Newton: maxi dress ==> Nicole loved the fabric choice and loves maxi dresses ==> No offers, up for elimination
Lizzie Parker: zipped pocket dress ==> Nicole liked that she came out of her shell but didn't love the dress. ==> No offers; up for elimination.
Luciana Scarabello: No offers, up for elimination
Lisa Vian Hunter: No offers, up for elimination

Mentors chose to save Edmond Newton from elimination.
Buyers sent Lizzie home this week.
Why she stayed after last week's butterfly shirt, is beyond my mental comprehension.

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